~a sneak peek of my upcoming Joss & Main sale~

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I am so excited to share with you today that I will be curating for my third
sale which will run
 July 8 through July 15th.

I think this may be my favorite one!
Check out a sampling of some of the items that will be
 available for sale, at discounted prices of course.

How cool are these products???
I tell ya what, I will definitely be shopping from my own sale. 
Those angel wings will be coming to live with me and I want that chair for my desk in my kitchen.

Ok, I also wanted to give you a update on my sugar detox because I have made it a whole week!

Many of you asked for the link to who I am going through.
You can click here to find them.
I am going through Marta, she is amazing!

The good news is that I am down 8 pounds in 1 week!
I have gotten rid of that puffy bloated look and feeling.
My energy levels still aren't where they used to be but my clothes are fitting better and I actually wore a bikini yesterday. 
I have more headaches than usual, but this is all part of the detox.
My body got so used to all the crap I was putting in it, it's fighting me.

The food choices are not that hard. 
I've been eating a lot of bacon, turkey burgers, sunflower seeds, and my favorite, blueberries. 
And I am drinking a TON of water.

Anyway, contact Marta here if you'd like more info. I believe she has another course coming up.


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