~one room challenge week 3~

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's week 3, that means we are halfway to the finish and I feel so far behind. 
Here is what I have done this past week:

I shipped off this flax colored linen fabric to have roman shades made. 
My husband hates any kind of curtains so I will have to break this one to him slowly.

However, he did agree on white carrara counterops and we selected our slab!
Up until now the only hint of marble in our kitchen is the cutting board shown in the above photo.
I cannot wait.
They come Friday to do the template, and next Friday to install!

{sorry, bad phone photo}

This is the backsplash I picked:

I also ordered new sconces and they have arrived.
Haven't broke the news to my husband about these either.

That is it!
Yikes, I really need to start painting cabinets.
I keep putting it off.
Hopefully next week I'll be able to show you photos of the actual kitchen!

Here is the full list of One Room Challenge participants:


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