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Monday, March 24, 2014

Jennifer Rizzo sent me an email a little while ago.
She had a great idea for a,
 "she sent me what?" project.

 Basically, you receive a thrift store item in the mail
{good or bad} 
from another blogger, and you have to turn it into something else. 

I, in turn buy something at a thrift store and send it on to the next blogger on the list.
Well, today is the day we are showcasing all our creations! 

Here is the full link of participants:

Donna sent me this pail.
I'll be honest.
I thought it was pretty cute and wondered what the heck I could make with it.
I kinda just wanted to throw a candle in it and set it on my porch and call it good.

But, I knew it had to be more creative than that.
I thought about turning it into a fountain so that the water would come out all the little holes.
I also thought about turning it into a planter and filling it with flowers.
Lastly I thought about planting an herb garden in it for my kitchen.

 After staring at it for about a week, I finally figured out what I was going to do with it.
I was going to turn it into a bird feeder/house and the only thing I ended up having to buy was this 99 cent fluted pie pan from the thrift store!

I  rummaged through my stash of old hardware and found a tiny door handle.

It happened to fit perfectly in one of the holes for a perch.

Then I drilled a small hole so birds can go in if they choose.

Next, I used liquid nails to attach the pail to the pie pan, let it dry, and filled the pan with wild bird seed!

To see what I sent the next person on the list, please visit Kristin at


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