~a thousand hearts~{pillow DIY}

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ok, so maybe not a thousand, more like 38. This pillow diy is super fun and cute for 
Valentine's day! While it is a bit time consuming, I think it's worth it in the end!

Here is what you will need:

-Linen material in 2 colors. I used tan and white. Mine started out in the form of a tablecloth and napkins, so get creative!

-fusible webbing

-tape measure


-heart template



-good hot iron

-sewing machine

-black and white thread

-feather/down pillow insert

First you are going to print out some heart templates. I found mine by doing a google search of "free heart printable" I made 3 different sized hearts.
Print them out, preferably onto card stock and cut them out. Then you want to iron your fusible webbing onto the fabric you are using for your hearts.
Next, trace the hearts onto your fusible webbing. Cut out all your hearts. I believe I got around 8-9 hearts on one sheet, and I used 4 sheets.

When all your hearts are cut out, you will again want to follow the instructions with your fusible webbing, and iron them onto your pillow fabric front, that you have cut to size.
My pillow is 24x24.

This next step you can skip, but I thought it was kinda cute. I used fabric paint {grey} and alphabet stamps, to spell out xoxo on one of the hearts.

It looks good in my opinion to overlap some of the hearts. One they are all ironed on, you will want to "outline" each heart with black thread. You can do this by hand, or on your machine.

I made my pillow envelope style. You can find instructions for this all over the web
Once I was done, I through the whole thing in the washer and the dryer which gave the edges of the hearts a slightly frayed look.

~And here it is all done and close up~

And for the fun part….

I will be giving away a DURATHON iron to one lucky winner!

This project was the first I used this iron on and I loved it. It heated up quickly, has auto shut off, and a retractable cord.

To be entered to win a Hamilton Beach Durathon iron just pin any of these images to Pinterest with the hashtag #DURATHON.

I will pick a winner on Friday and announce it back here!

Good luck! xoxo

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