Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just popping in real quick to announce the winner in the Designs By Tahra jewelry giveaway!

The winner is.....
the writer of the blog :



Also, my friend Jill over at Forever Cottage is giving away 5 spaces to my course on making frames and signs out of reclaimed wood! Head on over there for your chance to win, and all the details! My class online begins August 19th! It's only $10, and for no other reason you should sign up just to see me make a fool of myself on camera :)

I am slowly trying to get back into my normal daily routine. It's been hard since Harley has been gone, I won't lie. I spend the majority of my days searching for him and following up on leads, some promising, some not even close. Thank you so much for all your prayers and comments. They really do mean a lot. I read each and every one, you guys are truly amazing.


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