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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thank you for being so patient with me. I feel like my days have been running in slow motion.To some of you, a dog is a dog, but to me, my dogs are like my kids~truly.
Many of you have asked how we lost him, so I thought I'd quick share. As many of you know we live on a lake. What you might not know is that our backyard backs up to 800 acres of forest. There are bike trails, hiking trails, our community tree farm, and well, just plain forest. Harley and his BFF Bosco go for many bike rides with Boscos owner back in those woods. They run freely along side him for 2, sometimes 8 miles, then they come home. Well, on Sunday the 4th, Harley and Bosco must have heard something and ran off. Bosco's owner called them and Bosco came back but not Harley. He turned around and looked and called, but when he didn't return he went on his way. He wasn't very far in the trails and Harley has ran off before and always made his way home.

So, that was Sunday night. I have been searching everyday for at least 6 hours in my car and by foot. Every time I get a sighting I hop in my car with water, treats, dog food, and sometimes Bosco. Every time I hit a dead end. However, I feel that he is out there. The tips I am getting really sound like him, but they all say he is scared and won't come to them, then he runs off. It's hard not to get discouraged, but I am staying hopeful on stories I read about dogs returning home after 3 weeks, etc. I have met some wonderful people, complete strangers that have offered to help put signs up {I now have about 250 up} given me tips and sightings, or just a big hug. Your comments here and on instagram are so sweet. You all care so much about a dog you've never met and the prayers have helped me get through this. If I type anymore I will be a blubbering mess, so I am just going to leave you with a photo of my sweet baby and let you all know I will be returning back to blogging on Thursday with a thrifty thursday project. I might not talk about Harley, but trust me, you WILL know when we get him back. I think whatever part of the country you are in, you will hear me screaming for joy.


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