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Saturday, August 31, 2013

I thought I'd show you the master bathroom which is right off our master bedroom. I guess that's a given......
Anyway, we added onto it around 8 years ago, adding a walk in shower and a jacuzzi tub. I'm such a tub girl. I'd take a bubble bath over a shower anyway.

Here are some ways we saved money:
The bathroom vanity was a returned item that was marked down. Look for these items at home improvement stores. Sometimes you can find special order items that were made not exactly to the customers specifications, and you can get them for a steal. This particular one was maple and it was cracked in a couple places. We asked the manager for an even bigger markdown and got it. Sometimes, actually all the time, it doesn't hurt to ask. I knew I would be painting it anyway, so it was perfect. I painted and distressed it and added appliques to the doors. The granite counter, sink, and backsplash was a all in one deal at Home Depot as well.

This shelf was a thrift store find that was around $10.00 whole dollars. I painted it the same color as the vanity and distressed it as well.

I love this for necklace storage!

These jars I got at Rejuvenation after winning a gift card on this fantastic blog!

I love lighting these candles at night. It creates a very relaxing mood. The floors and all the other tile are travertine and were bought right off the shelf at Home Depot. I normally have bath mats, I just took them out for the photos. I tiled the shower and my husband did the tub and the floor. We make a great team! I made the gigantic mirror above the sink, it was actually one of my first mirrors I ever made. I made it the same way I make all my picture frames. If you'd like to learn how, you can, for $10.00 my e- course will show you how. Sign up for it here!

Do you want to see what we started with? A teeny tiny little closet of a bathroom!

And then, when we started ripping into things, we found this lovely surprise.


If anyone has any suggestions for dressing up those windows, I'd love to hear! I have been stuck on what to do for a really long time! Holly???

Hope you are having a great weekend! I am taking 3 girls to the Taylor Swift concert tonight!

{all photos from Christine at Trimood Photography, except the last 2 nasty ones}


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