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Thursday, July 25, 2013

So this week I am making over a cupcake stand that was
picked up at a garage sale for a whopping $10.
This sucker is huge, and I am so sorry,
but the before was just not my cup of tea.

I'm starting with an after shot:

Ready for the before?

Are you blind? Sorry.
Ok, here is how this makeover went down. Mom calls me up and tells me she scored for me at a garage sale! You might be thinking this is a good thing.....
obviously you have not seen some of her "scores"
Luckily she knows I'm pretty handy and can make ugly things pretty.
I had this cupcake stand for 1 whole day before I made it over.
It was that bad. I guess if you like peacocks and purple with turquoise it's not bad,
but I was thinking more of a woodsy feel.

So, with the woodsy feel in mind, I headed off to my local craft store and bought a variety of "wood" scrapbooking papers.

I wanted to cover the center "tubes" in this paper.
I cut them to size on my paper cutter and glued them on with spray adhesive.
Love this stuff!

For the round "discs" or "shelves" I hand painted the faux wood look. I picked up some paints at the craft store that matched the tones in my paper, as well as some brown stain and black paint. I already had the dark wax.

First step was to spray paint each piece white, front and back.

Then I took a small foam brush and randomly added imperfect lines using
the aluminum colored paint. Be random because nothing is nature is perfect or symmetrical.

Then you want to "highlight" those areas with a bit of black and a bit of brown. I used a thinner brush.
The cheaper the brush the better, because it won't be so perfect. Use a kids paint brush that has been beat up if you have one!

It should look similar to this now:

Then you need to add some "knots" These are easy to replicate.
They kinda resemble eyeballs.

Then the real magic happens when you apply the dark wax.

The one on the top has not been waxed, the one on the bottom has.

To finish the edges off I hot glued on rope.

Here it is all done!

Kinda a long process drawn out here, but really, it's very simple. I think it could be used for a variety of things, not just cupcakes!

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