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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sometimes I stumble upon the coolest things in the strangest places. There is a factory near my house that sells concrete planters, urns, etc. and every now and then they put a pile of old beat up pallets near the road with a free sign. They are the best because they have a ton of age to them. So, last week I stopped by and loaded up with a few cool pieces of wood off of them. While I was there I noticed a rack with a bunch of broken stone products on it. The items were drastically discounted. I ended up coming home with a super heavy and large horse head with a broken ear. In my mind I pictured Miss Mustard Seeds cow head in her kitchen, which I have always wanted. Ok, so I know it's not a cow, but a horse is close enough right?

Here was my horse head before I fixed him up:

You can see the broken ear, poor baby. So, I stopped by Michaels and picked up some air dry clay.

And sculpted a new ear.

Then to give it more of that rusty look, I spray painted it dark brown and then added bits of this burnt sienna paint with a paper towel.

And after, of course I had to add a wreath to make it true Mustard Seed Style!

I am still holding out hope that I will snag one of those cow heads on decor steals, but for now, the horse will do just fine!


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