~thrifty thursday~{fancy farm animals}

Thursday, June 27, 2013

This weeks thrifty Thursday project is not a huge dramatic makeover,
 but it is still fun nonetheless. 

Here is what I started with.
A bag of plastic animals from the thrift store.
8 for $2.99.

I toyed 
with the idea of making these.

{ha-ha, get it? TOYED?!}

I'm such a dork.

I still might in the future, but these little guys I turned into fancy farm animal place card holders.

All you need is spray paint in the color of your choice, a drill with small drill bit, and paper flags.

 I chose gold spray paint and applied 3 light coats.
Let that dry then drill a small hole in the top center of each animals back.
 I had these flags in my craft room stash.
They are by Martha Stewart from Michaels.
I added a bit of sticky back ribbon, also from the Martha Stewart line. 
Then I printed names onto white card stock, in the 
I cut those out and attached them to each flag with scotch tape.

 Then you just stick them in the animals back!
 EAT napkins are from Lemonade Makin Mama on etsy.
Unfortunately she isn't making these anymore~boo.
 As you can see, I used my Anthropologie knock off plates from yesterday's blog post.

 I love Lyla the lion.
Wouldn't these be cute at a circus party?
Or all bunnies at a Easter brunch, in various pastel shades?
 I think the ones that look best are the fatter animals, like this hippo.

 For placemats I just used scrapbook paper.

Be sure to share with me if you make some! 
I'd love to see! 

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