~thrifty thursday, the making of a bar cart~

Thursday, June 6, 2013

This is hands down my favorite thrifty Thursday project!
I wanted to create an inexpensive unique bar cart for our dining room, so I set out thrifting in search of various pieces that I could "marry."
 Here is what I stumbled upon in a local thrift shop.
A wood t.v. tray~$2.99
a really cool {and dirty} old trunk for $39.99.
In my mind I knew I wanted the base to have these cross legs, so this was perfect.
What wasn't perfect was the size of the top.
The trunk overpowered the small based.
So, when I got home I unscrewed the top and replaced it with a larger piece of wood cut to the same size as the trunk.
I also had to reposition the legs more to the outer edge of the top.
 Once the new base was all put together, I spray painted it all black,
 brought it inside and placed the cleaned trunk on top.
 I topped it with a white chippy wooden tool caddy and started filling it up.
I used a clear vase to hold limes and lemons and added a couple vintage seltzer bottles.
 Next, I added the drinks, alcoholic, and non alcoholic. 

 I got this sweet tea at World Market, just for the name.
 Also, sitting inside the tray which you can't see, is a wine opener and other essentials like a martini shaker and bottle opener.
 The inside of the trunk is empty for now, but eventually I'd like to get a new key and 
lock made for it and store things inside.

And because I cannot let anything go to waste, here is what I made out of the old top to the t.v. tray:


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