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Friday, June 14, 2013

We are taking off for a few days to enjoy fathers day weekend in the mountains.
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I always like to leave on vacation with a clean house.
A clean house means snapping some photos because it never stays clean for long.
And I better say this so my mom doesn't freak out~"yes mom, I am saying we are leaving, BUT we always have a house guest stay while we are away, we have 2 big dogs, nosy neighbors, a security gate, and a mean looking neighborhood caretaker."
Ok, now that I got that out of the way.......

This slip covered cube was a craft night project, I will have several more for sale at the French Flea July 6th in Kirkland Washington.

 I picked up this new {to me} scent of Mrs. Meyers last night and want to bathe in it.
{yes, I know I am not a countertop, but I am still tempted.}
 I went thrifting yesterday and posted about it on instagram.
Here are a few things I got, also for the French Flea.
 This leather briefcase bag arrived recently from 
Scissortail Clothing Company and 
I absolutely love it! 
Go get yourself one here.
 I also got a new betwixt pillow in black and white
{notice the ones in the above pic. too, I am betwixt obsessed it seems}
Visit these lovely ladies to get yourself one.
Also, peonies are in full bloom and I have picked a bunch,
 I think I have them in just about every room in my house.
And, on a side note, while I was prepping food for our camping trip I decided to make this, and holy smokes, you need to make it~like right now. 
It's seriously amazing!
Have a great father's day weekend!
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