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Friday, June 21, 2013

In yesterday's thrifty Thursday post I showed you how to make DIY Restoration Hardware concrete spheres. I had a little bit of concrete left so I decided to attempt at making a bowl.

I started with 2 plastic bowls, one smaller than the other.

 On the smaller bowl I taped over the brand name so it wouldn't imprint into the concrete.
After I poured the concrete I realized the tape would probably just come off, but surprisingly it didn't.
 Next, mix up your concrete mix.
{refer to yesterday's post}
and pour about an inch into the bigger bowl.
Then place your smaller bowl in the center pushing down slightly.
I used a gallon of full paint as a weight to keep it steady while I poured the rest.
Pour the remaining concrete into the larger bowl as high as you want to go.
 At this point I brought it in the warm house
{I thought the heat would help with the dry time}
and weighted it down even more with a bowl of fruit.
This step is optional :)
At this point, while your cement is still wet, make certain your smaller bowl is centered completely.
 When my husband got home from work he looked at the contraption on the counter and started questioning my cooking skills.
He also told me that I should have sprayed the bottom of the smaller bowl with Pam cooking spray so it wouldn't stick.
Shoot, why didn't I think of that?
Well, luckily it didn't stick, but if you try this project it might be best to grease it up.
The bowls came off very easily and I was left with a perfect little bowl.
 I sanded down any rough edges and planted with succulents.

 Afterwards, I googled concrete bowls and they sell for a minimum of $50.00!
I'm pretty happy with my little leftover concrete project.
I never can let anything go to waste!
Also, my plastic bowls I used for the form can be used over and over again.
I think I will be making more of these too!

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