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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am so excited to show you a easy, and fairly inexpensive idea for Mothers day, which is right around the corner. 
This project would be fun to do with kids, but it's equally fun for adults I think.
I made mine in a afternoon, so definitely something that can be made last minute.

Ok, gather your supplies.
We are going to make a photo book!

Supply list:
{not limited to these items}

scrapbook paper
paint chips/samples
washi tape
glue sticks
some sort of ring to hold the book together
 {more on that in photos}
any cute printable quotes
{look on pinterest under free mother's day printables, it's where I found mine}
single hole punch
paper cutter
photo corners
corner rounder

 Once you've got all your supplies laid out, figure out how big you want your book to be.
Mine is 25 pages, and each paint chip page is around 4x5"
I used old black and white photos, so the paint chips I gathered were all neutrals.
Yes, the man working in the paint department at Lowes gave me permission to take them!
 The next thing you want to do is cut coordinating scrapbook paper to the same size as your paint chips.
My paint chips had rounded corners, so I rounded the corners on my paper too.
Then just use a glue stick and adhere them to the backs of each swatch.
 Once that is done, you can punch a single hole in the top left of each swatch.
Make sure to have all the holes line up.
 There is different types of rings, you can choose what kind you like. 
I ended up using the cable ring on the right because it gave it kinda vintage industrial feel.
I got mine at the hardware store, but craft stores carry them in all sizes and colors.
 Once you've attached your ring, you can embellish the pages anyway you like.
I don't think there is much instruction needed, just use your creativity!

~here is mine complete~
 And a little close up of the cover.
I used an old black and white photo, a "just for you" tag, photo corners, and some washi tape.
 Here's another fun idea.
These little envelopes are by Martha Steward. I attached one to a page and added a photo to the front. I filled it with little bits and pieces and a handwritten note.

 I particularly love this washi tape!
{that is my dad on the far right!}
 My beautiful Grandma, who this book is for!
On a side note, I did not use original photos, I made copies of them.
You can make them whatever size you want this way, 
and you won't be cutting and glueing the originals.

 Here is the back, kinda corny, but I couldn't resist.
 There you have it!

I think I will be making more of these for sure!
They are small enough they can be tucked in a purse for the grandparents to show and tell, or left out on a coffee table, they would be a great conversation piece.

I am joining 2 friends in a Mother's Day craft party.
Jenni from Dear Lillie created this adorable photo box with memories.
Is there anything this girl can't do?
Everything she touches looks cute!
Look at Jenni's project here:

Visit Karianne at Thistlewood Farm to see what she made her mom for Mother's Day. 
Here is the thing about this girl.
She can stamp a spoon necklace, paint a dresser with numbers, and make a table top our of paint sticks, all between dinner and dessert. 
No joke.
and Karianne's here:

These ladies are so crafty, I tell ya.
I hope this inspires you to get out and create something!
Sometimes hand made gifts are the most meaningful.
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