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Thursday, May 9, 2013

I had so much fun with this project.
I think the unusually warm weather has played a part in wanting to make something fun for summer.
Summer is filled with so many fun activities, and living on a lake is heaven.
I love long lazy warm days and listening to the kids playing in the water.
There's just something about not having a schedule that is so relaxing!

OK, onto the project! 
This project was inspired by summer bucket lists and subway art.
I sorta combined the 2.

I started out with 2 windows that I got at a salvage yard.
I always see these garage sales too, so keep your eyes open.

I chose two with single panes with white chippy frames, full of lead paint I am sure.
Oh well, I don't plan on licking them anytime soon.

The one on the left was $5, and the one on the right was $8.

 This is the after!
{Click on any photos to enlarge}

 Supply list:

Tape Measure
Dry erase Pen
Old Window
Letter stickers from any office supply store

 The first thing I did was go through my many packs of letters and individually cut them out.
I tried to think of words that reminded me of summer.
Once you have a word picked out, set it aside in a pile. 
Get several words gathered. 
I used bigger stickers for the "title"
but you can do whatever floats your boat.

Just so you know, this is a time consuming project. 
Keep that in mind, can't say I didn't warn you!
Also, you have to buy LOTS of packs of stickers which adds up really fast.
Of course they don't put enough vowels in each pack therefore, you have to buy a lot of packages to make up words.

Once you have cleaned your glass, start by setting out your letters for the first row only, like in the photo below.
You can use your tape measure to make sure the word is centered on the glass.
Then use a dry erase marker to draw a line with a ruler which will act as a place for the bottom of each of your letters to hit, ensuring they are straight.
After your letters are attached, the pen mark will wipe away with a paper towel.

 Repeat for all the remaining rows and don't worry about getting it too perfect.

 My office supply store sells these letters in red, white, and black.
I'm thinking of making one with red letters and a blue frame for the 4th of July.

Here is some summer fun all finished in white.

 And here is the one with the black stickers. 
These would be cute on a covered patio in the summer I think, but they are cute indoors too.

 Here's a close up.
The stickers usually come in several different fonts, so you can choose your style.

What do you think of my summer bucket list/subway art/window/typography decor?
Say that 10 times fast!
New recipe up on the fitness blog.
Check it out here!
Also, I am so excited!
My Mother's Day photo book has been featured here!

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