~beautiful bedrooms~ {follow up to yesterday's post}

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thank you all so much for commenting yesterday!
It seems like the majority of you would like to hear more about fitness.
With much consideration, my trainer Carrie and I, have decided to start a blog that focuses strictly on that. That way we won't be mixing the 2 here, and you will get much more information.
I will be posting my favorite recipes and things that I like to eat, my in body charts,  {will explain more on that on the blog} and some of my tips and tricks.
Carrie will be posting and focusing more on the technical side.
What exercises to do to firm up, how many calories you should be taking in, and things like that.
So, stay tuned, we will probably have it up and running this month!

But for today, I just wanted to show you some beautiful bedrooms that I have pinned.
Much more to see here.

Come back tomorrow for thrifty Thursday!

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