~adding spring touches in the dining room~

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My house is pretty neutral as you know.
BUT, I do love color, especially the color green.
It's so versatile and screams spring to me.
I've had my eyes on these dishes forever now, and finally got them.
Oh, I also got these in green, so fun!
Love them!
So, new dishes prompted a few other green things in the dining room.

~Take a look~

 I got this rug which had me change the direction my table is going.
 I added 2 of these chairs to the mix which really brighten things up!
 Fresh freesia~yum!

 Candle holders are from Home Goods, and the runner from Dreamy Whites.

 A shot of the whole room looking from the living room in.
 And, standing at the french doors looking in, you can see the living room,
 dining room, going into the kitchen.
 It's just a few things, but it makes me so happy every time I walk by and see the color!
 Oh, and I made this for dinner last night to go in those green bowls!
{I used all low sodium ingredients}
Sooo easy!
Happy Spring!

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