~thrifty thursday~{trophy turned vase}

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome to the second week of thrifty Thursday!
Today I will be showing you how I turned an old bowling trophy into a stylish vase.

Here is what it started out looking like:
 Not bad to start out with, and very inexpensive at $4.99.
I love the engraved silver bowl.
If you'd like to do this project, you can find these bowls easily at thrift stores and then add on the wood base.
I decided I wanted the base to be even chunkier and taller.
So I created another "box" out of old moulding and barn wood I had laying around my studio.
 I measured and cut, and used my nail gun to attach all the pieces to the existing wood box.
 Here it is before I added the final piece of trim~just a simple box.
 And after it was all put together, this is what it looked like.
 Your edges don't have to match up exactly.....

That is what spackle is for!

 I like this kind because it goes on pink, and turns white when it is dry.
Spackle away, and then when it is dry, sand down. 
Paint the entire piece the color of your choice.
 I chose white, then distressed it a bit, and finished it off with wax.
Sorry, I didn't get a photo of that. 
I must have gotten too excited to finish and stopped taking pictures. 
I will try my best to explain the next steps.
 I think the overall look I was going for was "country fair cow prize trophy" 
Don't ask me why. 
Maybe because I love cows, and the country, and going to the fair........
 I added some oasis soaked in water and fresh flowers.
 I removed the name plate and found this frame at Aaron Brothers on sale for $1.00.
I painted it out the same color and aged it a bit too with dark wax. 
I had the vintage cow print and copied it to the appropriate size and popped it in the frame.
 Then I just glued that onto the wood box, adding some lace and paper to create this "ribbon" look.
 So, what do you think?
Overall cost about $6.00, plus the flowers.
 How about a little before and after?
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