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Thursday, March 14, 2013

~Brand new~
Thrifty Thursdays on My Sweet Savannah!

Each Thursday I will bring to you an outdated, ugly, otherwise overlooked item, that I find at a thrift store or garage sale. 
I will buy it, bring it home, and transform it.
And, show you how to do it yourself.

So today's transformation starts with this large child's print of teddy bears.
Pretty right?
Maybe back in the day.

 Don't they look so cute flying their kites?
Ok, so this was $9.99.
 A little pricey I thought for what it was, but worth every penny in the end.
 Ok, so my thought was to turn this into a vintage looking mirror, and here is how I did it.
Gather your supplies. 
You will need spray paint in your choice of color for the frame. 
I chose black.
Krylon looking glass spray. 
You can find this at your local craft store. 
You will also need a spray bottle filled with half water and half vinegar. 
 Step 1~ take apart the frame. 

2~ Spray paint the frame in a well ventilated area. {not pictured}

While that is drying, take your glass outdoors, or in another well ventilated area.
My choice~the top of the hot tub, protected by a plastic tablecloth.

3~Shake up the looking glass spray for a good couple of minutes. 
Using short bursts, randomly apply to the glass all over.
Random is the key word. Then spritz with the vinegar/water mix all over, holding it back about 12-18"

Go check on your frame, add another coat of spray paint if necessary. 
Eat some cookies, do some laundry, watch a soap opera, then repeat step 3.
Eat some more cookies, and repeat again. Repeat as much as you like, just make sure it is dry before repeating. I think I did 4 coats on mine. 

4~This step is key, but I didn't get a picture of it either, sorry.
Take the backing that comes with the picture, and spray paint that black as well.
Usually these come with backing that is either cardboard, or thin wood, or even card stock. Whatever it is, paint it black.

 5~ When everything is dry, you are ready to put it back together. If you want, you can distress your frame a bit at this point. 

Lay your frame down and insert the glass, painted  side up
Next place your backer in with the black side down. 
Anywhere that the looking glass paint did not get will pick up on the black, making it look like an old mirror that is de-silvering. 
 Stand back and admire your work. 
I think it's so cool that you can take a piece of plain glass and turn 
it into a vintage looking mirror so easy.
Check out that reflection!

Do you like this project? 
I am excited to bring you more. 
How many of you would have passed up that teddy bear print in the store?
This also would be a good size frame to do this with, or even this. 

{yes, I have fixed the crooked F}

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