~our trip to Kauai Hawaii~

Saturday, March 2, 2013

We are starting to settle back in.
We got off the plane in our shorts and it was dark and pouring down rain.
But that's the pacific northwest for ya.

We packed as many things as we could into 9 days in Hawaii.
We swam, hiked, scuba dived, rode horses on the beach, worked out, ate way too much food, fell asleep in the sun, saw giant sea turtles and monk seals, and tons of fish while snorkeling.
I met Gabby Reece courtesy of the lovely Kasey, and my thighs burned for 2 days straight. 

We also ran into my husbands aunt and cousin while there, didn't know they were going, and also a girl in my son's class at school.
 Talk about a small world. 
We were on the same flight and everything!

I took 555 photos, I will spare you all 555, and show you a few of my favorites!

On our last night we were having dinner by the ocean and over a dozen humpback whales started putting on a show. It was truly amazing and a great way to end our vacation.
Cody got his diving certificate on the second day we were there, he was a natural 
and I think is hooked now! 
I cannot wait to go back again! We stayed here, and I would highly recommend it, nothing but good things about this resort! 

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