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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I went shopping the other day, by myself.
I love shopping by myself.
I wasn't looking for anything imparticular, just window shopping at a few of my favorite stores.
I started out at my old stomping grounds, Ruffles and Rust. 
And that is where I saw it.

I quick sent a text to my husband who was out of town asking him how much he loves me :)
Then I proceeded to tell him I found a piece of furniture.............
his reply was,
" I guess."

"I guess"
 friends~that was my yes.
And, he didn't even ask how much it was.
Miracles do happen.

 Here she is.
All beautiful dressed in her Annie Sloan old white and french linen paint.
Behind the glass doors are glass shelves.
Behind those are chippy white wood panels, and above the shelves are lights. 
I'm in love.
 I filled her with all of my favorite things including these heart rocks that my son found for me on the beach on our recent trip to Hawaii.

 Then I went to HomeGoods and got a few more little accessories, 
like these candlesticks that have the same colors.
 I also got this gigantic chunky floor lamp there because my old 
one was suddenly dwarfed by the new hutch. 
 Even though I liked my old buffet and shelves, the shelves really gave me a hard time.
I was never quite happy with how I accessorized them.
I sold my buffet to a friend the very next day.
It's going to a good home.

Are you wondering what I did with the shelves? 
Well, if you remember, the shelves were actually an old door that I cut in half on a table saw.
I wanted to reuse them, so I screwed them to the wall on either side of the windows!
Now they act as shutters.
Not functional ones of course, just decorative.

Hope you like the new addition!

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