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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Looks the same right?
Well, here's the story of our Ikea sectional that is no longer......
 I loved the look of the Ikea slipcovered couch, and I didn't think it was all that uncomfortable.
But my husband, and even the kids disagreed.
When you sit down you butt would hit the wood frame, not the best quality if you catch my drift. 
However, for the money, it was great.
Lately though my husband has been telling me that it was time for something a little bit better quality, like a couch with oh, maybe springs? 
So, we looked, and looked, and couldn't agree on anything.
The criteria was this:
for me it had to have the same look as the Ikea one, and for my husband it had to be comfortable.
Sounds easy right? 
Well, not if you have to dip into your kids' college fund to do so.
Good quality sectionals are expensive!
 A few days ago I decided to search on craigslist
{which I never have luck on}
and there she was.
A $5,000.000 Pottery Barn slipcovered sofa in the perfect cream
 color with down filled cushions, and yes, springs,
 for a fraction of the retail price!
I think I emailed her 5 times in a row as the ad was a couple days old,
 I thought for sure it was gone.
 But it wasn't, and it's all ours.


I will leave out the details about how we had to heave it over a second story balcony in a torrential down pour to get it into the truck.

{memories, right?}

 I have added a few Christmas touches to the coffee table.
 The colors all inspired by this candle which I am in love with.
It smells like a new born babies head and sugar all rolled in one.
The only thing I'd like to add is a couple of these to replace my grey pillows.
Maybe for my birthday I will be so lucky?
Just a reminder that all imperial trellis patterns are on sale today in this shop!

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