Boxed Acrylic Framing

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So, speaking of framing big pieces of art, I'm just about finished with the framing of those panels of hand-painted chinese wallpaper I talked about here. But I thought I'd share with you some pretty pictures from reader Eliza's house. She has really great taste. She's promised me a house tour sometime soon and I'm waiting for her email with bated breath. The photos I've seen so far are beautiful!

When I posted about acrylic framing last, Eliza emailed with these images. She mounted some Barbara Barry wallpaper with spray adhesive to thin particle board from Home Depot, which she had cut to size.

Eliza's framer, Nicole, from Rose City Framakers in Madison, NJ, was able to frame these panels of wallpaper in acrylic for a little over $100 each. That is a great price considering the size of these panels!

Nicole made a little frame inset on the back to help prevent bowing in the particle board and the acrylic.

Isn't this a pretty look? Makes me want to get my rear in gear and finish that wallpaper project! :) Can't wait to share.

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