Preserved Boxwoods

Friday, January 13, 2012

I am a HUGE fan of preserved plants. They don't look waxy like fake plants do because they are actually real. I read online that you can preserve your own plants, but it sounds like a messy project with glycerine involved.

Restoration Hardware actually carries my favorite (and most reasonably priced) preserved boxwood globes. They come in all different sizes and all in these simple and classic concrete-looking planters.

I have the smallest globe (5" tall- in the first photo) sitting on our entry console. I usually have fresh flowers here too and they look so pretty sitting next to each other. Like most New Yorkers, we don't get a lot of light at the back of our apartment, so my boxwood gives me a little punch of everlasting green life.

I use them in a lot of my client projects too. They are just so easy to care for! No watering is needed at all. And if they start looking a little dusty you can just mist them with a water bottle.

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