We're Back!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hi friends!

We're back in New York and wading through a round of the flu. I guess it's to be expected after all that airplane time and the stress of the holidays. Despite the fevers and chills, I'm happy to be home and sort of working again.

Isn't this week SO EXCITING!? I loooooove the New Year. It feels so fresh and so full of possibilities. A wonderful excuse to celebrate accomplishments and an opportunity to plan for the future!

We're just hanging out with some friends for NYE, but I'm still hoping to do some little party decorations. My assistant Colleen and I rounded up some of our favorite New Years decor ideas here.

Also, here's a little tip - the next two weeks are AWESOME for thrifting. People are cleaning out their homes to make room for the new Christmas acquisitions and there are treasures all over the place. Even though I didn't have a pound to spare in our jam-packed suitcases, I did some thrifting in Mesa before we left town and HERE'S what I found.

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