Campaigning in the Kitchen

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm still loving campaign furniture. I think it looks especially fresh in the kitchen (like in this CHH spread)! Christie had a local carpenter build a campaign style storage piece for her beautiful kitchen and I love the look.

I'm thinking of using my campaign chests together to replace my island (which is on it's last leg - the drawers are getting really hard to use). I did some measuring last night and if I wanted to reuse my marble top, it would fit perfectly. I'm considering doing butcher block instead, but we'll see.

To make the dressers counter height I was thinking about adding a row of drawers (salvage a third dresser with the same dimensions?) but I'm leaning toward building up the height with legs, like the island in this AMAZING kitchen below, though not quite as much leg, I only need about six inches.

image via Plain English

Think I can pull it off? Any tips?

Also, today on Babble, a round up of some of the most affordable furniture the interwebs have to offer!!

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