Dying Lampshades

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's super easy to change the look of cloth lampshades. I saw this beautiful photo in Better Homes and Gardens (and Lindsay from Everything LEB did a post on the subject here).

They suggested doing the whole dye bath thing, but I was feeling impatient the day I wanted to dye my too-simple Target drum shades, so I cheated a little.

I picked up a bottle of this powder form fabric dye at an art supply store here (Blicks). It's called Procion MX Dye. There were so many cool colors! I chose Bright Green for this project.

I just put a tiny bit of the powder in a bowl and mixed it with cold water and then painted it on with an artist's brush. It was so easy and the project finished so fast that I forgot to take pictures of me painting! :)

At it's brightest, the shade I chose is supposed to look like the above, but I went much subtler here. At the time I thought I was going to paint the girls door mint green and I didn't want to go into overkill mode. Since then though I've redyed them emerald green. Ha! More on that later (and on the pretty silver paper lining the insides of the shades).

Off to play with my girls who I haven't seen in a week! They've been in Arizona with my parents while I finished up some work projects here. I missed them so, so much!

Speaking of family, I put my first post up on Babble yesterday. It's a little intro on me and my family - maybe some stuff I haven't shared with you here yet? There also may or may not be a photo of me in airplane pose. Do you play that with your kids?

Anyway, I'll also be posting on Babble's The New Home Ec blog every day, so don't forget to check me out there for more of my home decorating tips!


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