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Monday, April 18, 2011

There are some exciting developments happening with LGN and my decorating business this year. I appreciate all the leeway you readers give me, understanding that it is tricky to write a blog, run a decorating business, and raise three young children in the city.

I feel so flattered when people email and ask to be put on my waiting list as a decorating client. Fortunately and unfortunately, I am beyond overbooked, and because of the exciting developments I just mentioned, I'm keeping the decorating business on the smaller side for now. It was a tough decision, but I feel good about it.

I feel really bad every day when I have to turn down new clients. Then recently I realized that many of my readers are decorators trying to get their name out in to the market. There is more than enough business to go around. I liked the idea of this post, where readers were able to share their favorite fabric stores around the nation. And I thought it might be helpful to start a similar type post that acts sort of like a decorator yellow pages.

If you own a decorating or interior design business, or you are new and want to start taking on clients, feel free to post a comment here with the following information:

*Please include all of the below information in your comment submission. Incomplete postings will be deleted. You might want to copy/paste the list below into your comment as a guide*

Business Name
City and State
Contact info (phone or email)
Experience (years in the business, degrees, licenses, etc)
Fee range (you can put your actual billing fees here if you want, or maybe say 'Budget decorator' or 'High-end decorator')
eDecorating and/or local clients preferred?
Any other info you'd like to share about your business (like, 'I don't do kitchens or renos or whatever'). Feel free to also include a little blurb about your preferred style, like 'Modern' or 'Traditional' or 'Eclectic' etc.

I'm hoping this can be a good resource for people with all sorts of styles and budgets, who want help making their homes more beautiful.

And for some image inspiration, here are some of my favorite office spaces for designers:

Design Offices of Suzanne Kasler, as featured in Atlanta Homes

Martha Stewart Living

Office of Anna Spiro, Absolutely Beautiful Things

Alessandra Branca Designs

Rethink Design Studios

Michelle Adams, Rubie Green

Design Offices of Betsy Burnham, Lonny
Design Library of Bunny Williams, Lonny


Melissa Warner, House Beautiful

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