Holiday Decorating Plans

Friday, December 3, 2010

My husband has worked basically non-stop for the past three weeks. Thankfully, his project wrapped up yesterday and he's taking the rest of the weekend off. Yay! We're going to take advantage of this extra day with Michael to get our Christmas tree and decorate the apartment for the holidays.

Canadian House and Home

We're keeping it pretty simple this year, partly because I sold 99% of our Christmas decorations before the move (regret!!).

On the list to do: Kissing balls to hang in doorways

Martha Stewart Living
A wreath to hang on the entry mirror. I saw this huge wreath at Bloomingdales and I liked the tiny little bows all over.

I'm thinking about trying this in my (very normal size) evergreen wreath with 1/4" grosgrain. Probably mustard yellow?

Also we're doing a smaller, potted Christmas tree. (For a great post on this subject, check out Design Mom)

Evelyn is getting into everything these days, so I figure having a smaller tree up on a table is a really smart idea. Plus we can put the gifts under and around the table.

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Bonus: I have plans to trim up the tree topiary-style post holidays and either keeping it in our apartment (do you think it would survive?) or taking it up to our rooftop garden.

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Happy weekend!

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