Color Inspiration!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I got this J.Crew ad in my email a week or two ago. Couldn't you just eat up all the color?! I'm using similar colors in our new place. Lots of grays, blacks and navy (and of course white - the floors and walls) and then really fun pops of color - persimmon red, raspberry, violet, orange, emerald green, mustard yellow, lime... sort of sounds more like a grocery store than a living room.

Anyway, speaking of colorful, I stumbled across these amazingly bright and beautiful consoles on Overstock and I had to share.

A pair of this chest would be great as night stands.

I'm absolutely dying over the green one! A little bit of fluorescent color in a room feels so modern and fresh.

I hope you're having a nice and relaxing week! We're taking things slow around here. xoxox

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