Gallery Walls: Another Method

Thursday, October 28, 2010

So, you want to hang a gallery wall, you say? But you don't want to put a million holes in your wall through trial and error. And you don't have eight years to cut out kraft paper templates, ala Martha. Maybe you want something a little more... technical than my approach?

You're in luck! The adorable Marissa from Roost Home figured out a quick, easy and exact method for hanging a gallery wall. Go here for in-depth instructions, but the gist is...

1. Trace your arrangement on wax paper, making sure to mark the hanging mechanism.

2. Tape the wax paper template on the wall and tap in your nails.

3. Hang up your art and tear down your wax paper (which ever you feel comfortable doing first)

Voila! Easy and exact! Thanks, Marissa!

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