Considering the Sputnik

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Friends, I'm so happy to report that our loft has WALLS!! Hallelujah. There's still some finishing that will take place over the next day or two, but I couldn't be happier to finally have closets to hang up our clothes and put away the second half of our boxes. And then!! Let the decorating begin!

I'm thinking of a pair of sputnik or sputnik-esque chandeliers over the farmhouse table in the dining area. Something like this vintage beauty would be the ideal. But at $4800, this one's definitely not in the budget.

I think this one is cool, from Shades of Light ($350)

And this one from Z Gallerie is similar, for $250

I love the size (36"!!) of this sputnik from Room Service Home ($550).

Faux bamboo meets sputnik in Jonathan Adler's Meurice chandelier ($750).

I'm loving the smoke version of the Lotus Flower Chandelier - It has a sort of feminine sputnik vibe.

The IKEA Maskros is a great size for the price tag ($89). It might be worth a try... Maybe as a place holder until I can afford the real deal sputnik?

Have you come across any great chandeliers lately?

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