Arched Bookcases

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My home office is separate from, but still open to, our new living room. It's sort of around the corner.

In past homes, we've liked having one or two bookshelves in our living room for some of the prettier/nicer books. In this apartment, I think we're going to try and make my office like a library and put all the books on a couple of big shelves (maybe with a ladder??). I'm meeting with a contractor sometime this week who will be building some walls in our very open apartment. And I'm hoping he can make the walls in my office floor-to-ceiling bookshelves - that will probably be way out of the budget though.

If we can't get the floor-to-ceiling numbers, I might just get a couple boxes of Billy's with the extender shelves. Wouldn't it be cool to add this arched detail for a more custom look? I think it would be an easy DIY with some 1/4" MDF and a $35 circular saw.

An even easier take away idea is the great paint job - white exterior with black shelves and shelf backs. Looks dramatic, but still clean.

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