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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Somehow we made it to the second half of August - and now it's finally time to sign a lease on an apartment in NYC for a Sep 1 move in date. I made a trip up to New York on our way to Boston this weekend with my girls (Michael was busy finishing up his last projects at his current job). It was a long weekend, but the good news is I think we're going to have a place to live next month! Relief.

We got back to Delaware last night, but we're packing our bags right back up today and heading home to Arizona for a week.

These next couple of weeks will be a whirlwind of traveling, packing, cleaning, moving and settling. Thanks for your patience as I focus on family needs for a little bit. I'll be here as often as possible, just probably not every day.

PS It's been fun to talk with some of my girlfriends about how we live in our homes. Michael and I have been deciding between a big, open and pretty raw loft space and a nicer but smaller and more compartmentalized apartment. One of my friends says she could never get right with her kitchen being open to the living area. I actually like the idea of living/eating/cooking/working in one room. Different strokes though. How would you most like to live in the city?

Most images via CasaSugar of Matt Lorenz's winning design of a loft space on Season 1 of Bravo's Top Design.

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