The Night Life of Trees

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here is another set of frame-worthy prints on black paper. These silk-screened images in the book, The Night Life of Trees from Tara Publishing, are absolutely stunning. And might I add, are a little more masculine than floral botanical prints...

From Amazon:
"In the belief of the Gond tribe, the lives of humans and trees are closely entwined. Trees contain the cosmos; when night falls, the spirits they nurture glimmer into life.
A visual ode to trees rendered by tribal artists from India, this handcrafted edition showcases three of the finest living Gond masters. This collection of their distinctive styles is enchanting—an excellent gift for those fascinated by trees, art or folk traditions."

Also, if you get a kick out of the silk screening or book binding process, check out this video on how the books are individually hand made (but do yourself a favor and skip the first two or three minutes).

discovered via Julia Rothman's amazing blog, Book by It's Cover, and GOOP

Photos (other than the multi-page shot above from Book by its Cover) courtesy of another amazing blog, Biliodyssey. And a special thanks to Tara Books.

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