New Work - 'Minerva' Store Update

Monday, May 3, 2010

Before - the original 'Minerva' layout with the old counter on the right by the threads area.
After - now the new magazine area with new window display cabinets.

Before - the original front of the store on the left side with display units and a large antique table.
After - The new counter now at front of the store between the antique table and window display cabinets.
There is also a new back unit for the counter (you can just see the corner of it).

'Minerva' is a book store and gallery that I designed a couple of years ago. My client called me back to replace the old counter (we had kept it on board for budget reasons) and to add more shelving in the front area of the store.
We removed the old counter and created a new magazine area. We designed a new counter and located it by the main entrance on the left hand side for more visual impact and a better view for those working behind it.
I took the 'after' photos above the other day while it was getting finished. The clients were still setting up the store, locating the new computers/phones and getting the books/magazines back in place - however, it was already looking pretty good. The clients are happy with the results.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.

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