292 - Gibstopping

Monday, May 24, 2010

The grey board is the standard Gibboard and the blue board is known as 'BraceLine' for extra strengthening.
From the bedroom looking towards the hallway and wardrobe - this room has been gibstopped.
The stilts, worn by Lyle the plasterer to do the ceilings, are taking a break.

Lyle the plasterer started late last week and he's working with a venegence! I visted onsite on Friday and the gibstopping was well underway. It is exciting to see all the rooms fully formed now and I had the natural reaction thinking it was all looking rather small! This is usually the case when it has all been open framing for weeks then all of a sudden it is closed in.
I went to check on the kitchen and bathroom joinery today - a few tweaks are needed to be made and it will be delivered onsite on Monday next week for installation.
Photographs by Charlotte Minty.

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