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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here is a beautiful blog to be inspired by (my sister, Amelia found this one for me).
Eat Drink Chic is by Amy Moss, a former Graphic Designer from Melbourne, Australia who now calls herself a 'Style Blogger'. She blogs about all things stylish and shares her own graphic projects with free printable stationary for readers.
She has recently posted photos of her Engagement party, at which she and her fiancee surprised their guests with having their wedding ceremony right there and then. She wore her mother's vintage rose wedding dress and had a rustic themed table setting. Read more about the wedding, the preparations and all other things Amy finds lovely here.
In keeping with the theme, this morning I sent a list of wedding blogs (there's heaps!) to my brother's fiancee, Amy. She is brainstorming for ideas for her wedding to my brother, Dorian, later this year. It was a rather long list! Anyway - I'm excited to have a family wedding to attend later this year and have a new sister-in-law.
Photographs via EatDrinkChic.

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