Wide Stripe Carpet

Monday, February 15, 2010

The first house my husband and I lived in after we were married was an adorable 100 year-old little house in downtown Mesa, AZ. It was like a dream come true for me to finally have my own little home to decorate!

The house was old and drafty. The wood floors in the master bedroom were especially cold in the morning, so we opted for area rugs. There weren't the same kinds of online and discount options available back then (or at least I didn't know about them), and I thought it was way out of our price range to get large area rugs from the standard sources.

So we went down to Mesa Sales, where they sell all kinds of great fabrics and flooring, including carpet remnants. For our bedroom, we spent about $75 for a remnant of a wool carpet that fit perfectly in the room, just a few inches inset from the walls. I think it was about 14x16'. The carpet was gorgeous. It looked just like a seagrass or jute, but was super soft underfoot. For less than $2 per linear foot, the nice people at Mesa Sales bound the edges of the carpet remnant and made it look finished. It was really a nice and reasonably-priced solution for that space.

When I saw this image from House Beautiful, I wondered to myself if there was a way to use two different carpet remnants cut into strips to get this same look? Maybe some industrial strength duct tape on the underside to keep the strips together and then have the whole thing bound?

House Beautiful

Pretty, right? So many of us with young kids like the look of a graphic striped carpet, but want something a little more plush than a cotton flat weave. This could be a good solution. I might just give it a go in our next apartment.

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