292 - Weekend Work

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Filled up the skip - Dad and brother jumping on it to make sure it is well and truly compact.
Removing windows for cleaning, fixing and easing the sashes.
Dad - the master painter with a steady hand.
Eased the sashes, primed the the windows/facings and one coat of paint. The paint colour looks terrible next to the white. Not for much longer...
Removed all existing electrical wiring for recycling.

We had a productive day this weekend. We filled the skip second time round completely to the top with the last of the demolition rubbish.There was a bit of jumping action to settle it all down. 
My brother dropped by and helped out for a couple of hours - which was great. "Many hands make light work"...
We also removed all the electrical wiring for recycling and create a clean slate for the Electrician when he comes on board.
We are now prepping the windows to get ready for painting. It is a fiddly job and old timber windows requires patience!! We've done one coat of the final paint colour after the priming -  the colour doesn't look too good next to the existing white exterior colour right now, so we'll just bear with it until we start the exterior painting. Not too far off, I hope.
Photos by Charlotte Minty.

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