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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love the look of wallpaper but can't take the plunge because you live in fear of your landlord dropping by?

Renters unite!!

In December, Amy posted this image from Southern Living. I fell in love with the large scale harlequin patterned wallpaper. The wheels started to turn and I began formulating a plan for "wallpapering" my entry.

Then Caitlin posted this picture of her home. She used floral tape and a little dab o' glue to "wallpaper" her entry and it encouraged me to get my rear into gear!

I placed a $20 order for four rolls of 1/2" aqua Japanese masking tape from happytape (use the code "odds10" for 10% off).

I played with the tape on the wall until I found the right proportion for the diamond and then I measured. {My diamonds are 9" wide and 16" long}

Then I made some tiny registration marks with a pencil and a ruled level.

After I put up all the tape lines, I used an Xact-o knife to clean up the edges and I was done!

I finished my entry and long hallway in less than two hours. And I think it is pretty cute.

I like how the aqua lines add some subtle color and pattern. And the great part about the Japanese masking tape is that it looks more like vellum than masking tape. It's almost transparent and creates a more understated look.

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